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We bring together our skills, expertise and services through a series of activities for our clients.

From delivering inspiring talks and workshops on climate change and sustainability to technical assessments on climate change risks and valuation of nature, we are adept at building the right products and tools to help you address these pressing issues.

Our Products

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Talks & Workshops

Inspiring talks and workshops about climate change, biodiversity and sustainability 

We provide bespoke talks and workshops for government bodies, businesses and others wanting to raise awareness of their staff and stakeholders about these critical issues, including:

a) 1 Hour interactive talk (including Q&A) to raise employee’s awareness of climate change

b) 1 hour talk and group activity

  • 1 hour talk (including Q&A) to raise awareness of employees about climate change

  • 2 hour group simulation activity about climate change action

c) 4 day retreat on climate change and wildlife conservation for employees

  • Trips to natural environment of UAE  (selected eco wonders) with guided tour from local conservation and wildlife experts

More bespoke programmes can be designed, subject to match with expertise.

The Sustainable City Conference 2018

The Sustainable City Conference 2018

WWF Workshop

WWF Workshop


Corporate sustainability strategy and reporting

We believe that sustainability is a strategic topic for companies to address at board level. Reporting on sustainability performance is most useful as a tool for measuring performance in line with long-term sustainability goals. The UN Sustainable Development Goals sets a clear framework to 2030 on how to improve the world and peoples’ lives, and we are working with businesses to help them set develop SDG strategies, policies and targets to 2030 so they can materially identify out how to contribute positively to this agenda. 

We have partnered with a provider of an innovative data analysis and sustainability reporting tool, giving companies the opportunity to set longer term sustainability strategies and reporting in line with the SDGs. This tool helps companies to upload data, engage with their supply chains, conduct real time data analytics displayed in dashboards, conduct independent verification and reporting all in a streamlined, transparent and integrated process. 

  • Sustainability strategy development

    • Mapping value and supply chains of your company 

    • Assessment of the most relevant SDGs for your business 

    • Robust surveys and interviews of stakeholders to inform strategy 

    • Data diagnostics, analysis and setting clear targets and Key Performance Indicators 

    • Real time data analysis on performance

    • Competitors analysis and benchmarking

  • Sustainability reporting and communication

    • Reports compliant with Global Reporting Initiative standards

    • Online tool can be customised for other standards and reports

    • Website and social media communication of key findings

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable City Conference 2018

The Sustainable City Conference 2018


Sustainability innovation

We have experience in designing and running prizes that reward SMEs, NGOs and education establishments for deploying innovative solutions in energy, water, food and health that improve people’s lives. We can also help mentor teams of young people in getting their idea to market and with technical evaluation. If you are a foundation, family enterprise, government body interested to set up such a scheme, then we can design and manage the process for you. 



Social and economic impact analysis of climate change strategies

We believe that addressing climate change is good for people and economies, with clear business cases for action. However, many want proof that actions to reduce greenhouse gases (for example) is good for society and the economy. The way to answer these questions is to create sound quantitative analytical models that costs and benefits from environmental, economic and social perspectives. 

However, too often, expensive consultancy firms design technical analytical models that are kept in house and not transferred to the client. We believe that governments and businesses should house these models themselves as that would truly empower them to make sound evidence based policies and decisions on climate change. We want to enable these changes by working with key stakeholders to create such models and human capacity in these institutions to be able to run it, without the need for expensive consultants. 



Carbon footprint assessment and target setting 

As companies start addressing climate change, we can help them take the critical first step of understanding their current carbon footprint. Obtaining such a baseline gives companies a measurable way to set targets, develop strategies to manage and reduce it and track how the impact of their efforts are reflected in the data. We use internationally recognised methodologies to do so and can also help companies set targets in line with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. 

Carbon Footprint


Climate change risk assessment and adaptation planning and strategy

Even if the world stops emitting greenhouse gases tomorrow, the nature of our climate system means that the planet will still warm for a number of years. Therefore some impacts will occur regardless of efforts to mitigate climate change. These risks will manifest as sea level rise eroding coastal assets, storms destroying infrastructure, food production facilities, heat waves affecting public health and the ability of healthcare services. 

We help governments and businesses to identify and quantify the most material risks posed by climate change, and identify options that can help them adapt. We can do this at a regional, national, city or corporate level and can also assess costs and benefits of adaptation options for climate change. 

Source: Bankofengland.co.uk

Source: Bankofengland.co.uk



Ecosystem service valuation assessments

We depend on nature for clean air, water, food and resources, without which societies and economies would not be able to function. The rate at which we are losing nature, wildlife and the very systems on which human prosperity depends is alarming. We can help you assess the value provided by nature to organisations, regions and countries. Being able to value these appropriately would be the start of ensuring they can be better protected for the future.

Ecosystem Services (ES) and Natural Capital are the benefits people derive from natural areas. Their identification and quantification is critical to understanding the social, economic, and environmental changes caused by development plans and conservation policies. Understanding ES can also focus the design of monetary valuation studies for cost-benefit analyses, leading to more accurate results and lower costs. 

We can conduct studies at different scales to meet your needs. We will work with clients to determine the ideal scope and detail of any assessment. This determines whether we need to engage (engineering, chemical, biological) expertise from academia and consultancies, or additional services from other commercial partners.

Local-scale assessment:

  • identifying and prioritising ES through structured stakeholder workshops or interviews

  • monetary valuation through local surveys.

Larger-scale assessments:

  • fundamentally similar but require structured stakeholder workshops at multiple sites selected to optimise cost and data generation

  • monetary valuation requires scaled-up surveys or through value transfer that relies on spatial-econometric analysis of existing literature.