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Earth Matters provides advisory services in climate change and sustainable development issues to private sector companies, government entities and non-governmental and social impact organisations.

Primarily working in the Middle East Region and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, we specialise in climate change, energy & environment and partnerships for development.

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Strategy, policy and communications advice

We help our clients tackle complex climate change and sustainability issues, providing tailored research and analysis designed to answer the most important questions for each organisation. We also work to ensure the results of the research are understood by internal and external stakeholders. By having a chance to engage, they can make more informed decisions. 

  • Insight and analysis to support informed decision-making and policy implementation

  • Building consensus around policies, eliciting feedback from key stakeholders, and raising the profile of priority issues

  • Advice on communication methods, including reports, briefings, presentations and public information materials



Project management

We work as part of client teams to deliver technical projects that need a blend of subject matter expertise and project management skills. 

  • Oversight and coordination of multi-disciplinary teams to ensure the delivery of high-quality projects

  • Identification, engagement and influence of major stakeholders, using in-depth knowledge of key players in the region

  • Transfer of skills and knowledge to client teams

Late night work with project team for Global Sustainability prize

Late night work with project team for Global Sustainability prize


Designing and facilitating events

Events are important for conveying messages to stakeholders and generating good quality debate and dialogue. With our extensive network, strong subject matter expertise and communication skills, we are well positioned to design strategic events that can help you set the agenda on climate change and sustainability. 

  • Tailoring coherent and action-oriented agendas

  • Sourcing and briefing speakers, identifying participants, leading discussions and summarising the outcomes

Engie -  Women in Energy event

Engie - Women in Energy event


Capacity building and training

We endeavour for clients’ technical capacity and knowledge of climate change and sustainability issues to be enhanced as a result of working with us. Our subject matter experts work closely with client teams to help ensure they are well positioned to take things on when we leave. This is embedded in all of our work, but we can also design more bespoke capacity building activities as needed.

  • Assessing clients' current capacities to implement their sustainable development strategies

  • Designing and delivering bespoke and innovative training activities to fill any gaps

Lunch with Project Team

Lunch with Project Team